Our approach focuses on uniting your whole company behind projects with specific objectives.  Through these efforts we help you to create and increase your competitive advantage.

Improving the performance of one part of your organization is a good start. The question is: how can that improvement contribute to the overall enhancement of your entire organization’s performance?

The Hoshin methodology answers that question by gathering all of the following on an A3 sheet of paper:

  1. Strategic objectives
  2. Results to achieve (Critical To Satisfaction)
  3. Performance indicators (Critical to Quality)
  4. Tactical projects (LEAN, 6Sigma, EFQM, APQP, Industry 4.0, …)
  5. Responsible persons
  6. Interconnections in between the 5 previous points

The Hoshin method is at the core of our most successful projects. We have been specializing in this method for over 20 years. Please do not hesitate to ask for more references.