Our consultants’ philosophy is to reach verifiable results delivered to the customer within the timeframe required.

Eliminate of the cause of the problem instead of treating its consequences.

Let’s imagine that we are on a ship going from France to Cape Town, South Africa. If the crew doesn’t share the same vision, values and strategy, we will constantly need to monitor to make sure that no one will steer west in order to end up in New York. Today, the most perennial organizations have a strong work culture and trained employees who are happy in their work.

Having objectives is essential. However, trying to reach them by issuing orders to your staff results in demotivation.

DOQS consultants work in the field with your team in order to structure and teach the desired methodology.  Our process results in real added value to the “how to”. Together, we will reach your objectives.

We analyze your value added chain and assist you in selecting the objectives and the projects that will help you enhance your competitive advantage.