Industry 4.0 Asprova

Industry 4.0 connects cyber-physical world

Industry 4.0 » interconnects and optimizes in real time the whole value chain, from the clients to the raw material. Why do we need to optimize in real time? Because the variability is everywhere, let’s take 4 examples:

  1. In an industry, a new high priority sale order just arrived; What is the impact of this rush order on your planning, on other customer due dates?
  2. In a Hospital, a severed injured man must access the operating bloc; What is the impact on the planning?
  3. In a research center, an experience doesn’t clearly demonstrate the expected result; What is the impact on the project and also on other projects that might require the potential free capacities given the experience result?
  4. In an industry organized by workshops, one workshop always exhibits outstanding performance; What is the impact on the company performance given that for deliveries they are always waiting for the parts coming from the poor performance workshop to deliver a complete set?

industry4-0-eThe prerequisite of “Industry 4.0” is a very powerful finite capacity planning software able to simulate after each refresh and able to support you to select the best available option. To summarize “Industry 4.0” ask for one “musician conductor” for the whole value stream instead of having one conductor per workshop, process or entity. Asprova is a very fast (few secondes) and very powerfull (1.000.000 operations) advanced planning software. It plans in real time, it synchronizes the tasks in real time to answer customer needs, it computes in real time the critical paths.

Who is Asprova?

This is a Japanese company established since 1994. They do research and develop their rapid scheduler Asprova. Asprova is N°1 in Japan, more than 1000 clients and runs more than 2500 plants worldwide (Toyota, Hitachi, Bombardier, Bosch, Canon, Toshiba, Panasonic,…)
Asprova is certified for ERP: SAP, General dynamic,…

Your advantages

  1. Increase customer satisfaction
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Visual management
  4. Stock reduction
  5. Lead time reduction
  6. Increase capacity for customers
  7. Increase your competitive advantage

Asprova for whom?

  1. Production: micro-mechanics, die forging, injection, chemistry
  2. Hospitals: patient flows
  3. R&D: project management