Interim mngt

We regularly provide support to our customers through our consultants taking an interim role in a management position, this generally for periods from 4 to 18 months. These mandates require our presence for at least 3 days a week on site.

  1. When appropriate, we look to structure the operations in order to improve the break-even point. We are particularly renowned for involving all employees in the task of defining common objectives. As a result, customers generally experience a 10% increase in productivity.
  2. Due to possible changes in market conditions, the initially chosen strategy may be rendered inadequate. We then adapt the strategy to the new conditions.
  3. We draft the new director’s specifications and allow you to benefit from our network.



Contact our references and ask for a meeting  :

  • We listen to the board people
  • We visit your organization and give back the DOQS assessment
  • We present the DOQS methodology