Six Sigma is a methodology developed by Motorola in the 1980s. At that time, Motorola had issues satisfying its customers and was looking for a way to optimize its production process.

Six Sigma is a simple process: reduce variability and eliminate defects. This methodology is crowned with success in many fields, such as production and services as well as in hospitals.

Six Sigma mainly calls on statistical tools. DOQS consultants are statistical engineers with over 30 years of operational experience.


Six Sigma axioms

  • All processes have variability
  • All variabilities have causes
  • Generally, there are few causes (20% of cause = 80% of effect)
  • If we know the causes, we should be able to control them.
  • Next, root cause analysis should result in robust processes to deal with the remaining variability. See tab APQP/PPAP,
  • This is true for industries, hospitals and services.