Here are 7 of the best results of our DOQS consultants

 1) LEAN project, 2014-2016, Confidential organization, Switzerland
Enabled reduction of waste on a high-volume production line: 4.000.000 CHF of savings/year within two years, after all the production lines will have been equipped. The deployment plan is accepted.
6Sigma project
Cpk increased from 1.13 to 1.65, due to SPC integration, the elimination of special causes and control of common causes.

2) Strategic realignment and reorganization, 2014-2015 Prétat SA, Cornol, Switzerland
After 3 months: Revenue increased by + 26% and productivity by + 17%
Combined over the first year: revenue/person increased by +11%, results better than objective
Additionally provided assistance in transition to a new CEO

3) Strategic realignment, 2014-2015 Public confidential organization, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Coached for 12 months, mostly on strategic deployments and the choice of objectives, indicators and tactical projects.

4) 6Sigma project, 2012 Busch, Chevenez, Switzerland
Drastic improvement of the assembly of a vacuum pump (“right the first time” principle).

5) Reorganization, Lean 6Sigma project, 2004-2009, LEMO, Écublens, Switzerland
Matrix reorganization in product lines
Improvement in global benchmark ranking: service rate, deadlines, flexibility and prices
Sales + 90%
Quality 3 => 4 sigma
Sales on asset + 39%
Increase in production speed by a factor of 4
Stocks – 44%

6) Reorganization of Lean 6Sigma project, 1998-2000, Universo, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Structural reorganization to three production lines, including relocation of production tools.  EBITDA + 4 points
95% service rate

7) Tests and measures, 1990-1992, Battelle, Geneva, Switzerland
Ariane Space, material characterization of Vulcain engine turbine blades in a high-temperature / high-pressure hydrogen environment. Based on this characterization, the turbine was correctly dimensioned and the rocket took off!